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DC Personal Trainers Rob Kreider Home Page

Welcome to R.K. Bodies Personal Training.

The official website of DC area Personal Trainer Rob Kreider.

Rob Kreider has been voted as one of the Best Personal Trainers in DC and currently provides his personal training services throughout the Alexandria, Va and Washington DC metropolitan area.

R.K. Bodies personal training helps its clients obtain the lifestyle of health and fitness they are looking for. We understand that everyones individual health & fitness goals are different and so our personal training and nutrition programs are tailor made to get the results you are looking for!

    A Note from Personal Trainer Rob Kreider:

I hope to provide the most efficient and useful training information on-line. I welcome you to browse through my site as a source of motivation, and inspiration in a personal manner.

I have been a personal trainer in the Alexandria, Arlington, Washinton DC/Metro area since 1998. I perform my personal training services at your location, through online training or out of Gold's Gym on Van Dorn St. in Alexandria, Virginia!

I guarantee success within your program as long as the program is followed as instructed.

In addition to personal training, I am available for telephone consultations and personalized programs for training and nutrition. Please feel free to Contact Me if you are interested in learning more about my personal training, bodybuilding & fitness, contest prep, modeling or diet and nutrition services.

I personally want to thank you for visiting my site and hope you thoroughly enjoy it. Visit often for continual updates.

  Personal Trainer Rob Kreider

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